The WGW Traders website is owned and maintained by the Whitby Goth Weekend®

Since the very beginnings of WGW® over two decades ago, one of its most vibrant and dynamic features has been the ever enticing Bizarre Bazaar, an alternative market selling a whole range of items for almost every aspect of the goth and alternative scene. After each event we always receive a huge number of enquiries asking such things as `Who was the lady selling the tiny Top Hats`, `What was the stall called that had goth style baby clothes` or `Have you got a phone number for the guy selling patchouli scented toilet roll`. OK, we made that last one up, but it did make us think what a useful idea it`d be to create a directory for this very thing.

And here it is!

We can`t list every trader that`s ever been with us as some don`t have websites and some are sadly no longer trading, but what we can and have done is dug deep into the archives to bring you over 200 of them selling all kinds of weird and wonderful things.

We hope you enjoy browsing through them as much as we do, and will help to support the traders throughout the year that have helped to make the Whitby Goth Weekend® the wonderful experience and success that it continues to be.

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